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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Beth Beth
1st time pass
For someone who suffers from anxiety, the thought of even getting in a car for the first time scared me!! But Sam was the most supportive instructor, allowing me to learn and develop my skills in my own time. And after he assured me that I was ready for my test, I passed first time! He has the patience of a saint! And I can’t recommend him more, especially for anyone is feeling particularly nervous about starting to drive. Every lesson was a joy! And I’ll really miss our Monday morning sessions. A huge thank you to a wonderful instructor, who always believed in me even when I didn’t myself!

Lucy FranklinLucy Franklin
After doing driving lessons with multiple schools over 8 years, I thought I need to just do it, so I searched online and on social media, I found Sam with LDC driving school. I messaged Sam to find out if he could help me complete my driving, he said yes and booked me a lesson to assess how many lessons I would need. Sam said I should be able to complete my driving on 15 hours. so I went ahead doing 2 hours every 2 weeks. while out on lessons, Sam made me feel relaxed and helped to grow my confidence with my driving ability. When my test came around, I was buzzing with excitement and confidence. I passed my test with 3 minors thanks to the support and trust from Sam. Sam is a great driving instructor!

Stacey DexterStacey Dexter
First time pass
My driving instructor Sam was truly an amazing instructor, from the very first lesson he made me feel calm and always reassure me that I was doing well. The moment I would be unsure or get annoyed he would help me through and we would always have a laugh. I felt very at ease and could be myself, which I didn’t think I would be as you always hear different things about driving instructors. The LD system which I used really did help me as I was learning to drive, as it would cermet into my brain easier. I would always go back to the workbook and the online students hub if I wanted a quick refresh of a certain topic. Overall my experience of learning to drive was hard but its very rewarding. I would defiantly recommend Sam to anyone I know who is wanting to drive.