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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sam made learning fun, as well as being very informative. I enjoyed every lesson with him, 10/10 would learn to drive again.

First Time Pass
It was a pleasure to have your coaching and expertise to get through it thank you.

First Time Pass
Very patient and helpful and gives great explanations! I would very much recommend! I passed first time!

Kieran Kieran
First Time Pass
Brilliant instructor past my driving test first time.

Amazing, great instructor. With Sam its easy to learn. Helped me with some great tips how to drive safe and correct. Recomend 100%

Great driving instructor really recommend!!!

An amazing driving instructor ive never felt so far from ease thank you for all your help, took me many times find the perfect instructor who was so supportive and worked so hard to help achieve my goal thank you very much.

First Time Pass
Thank you for teaching Charlie over these last few weeks and giving him the skills and confidence to pass his test. Charlie regraded you as a great instructor and we will be definitely be recommending you. We will be in touch for our younger son in 18 months if your up for the challenge!

First Time Pass
Would highly recommend! Lovely instructor, got me through my test with good preparation and made me feel really comfortable :)

First Time Pass
Would recommend Sam to anyone and everyone, enthusiastic, chatty, makes driving feel comfortable and easy! So much patience and brilliant teaching skills!

First Time Pass
Started driving with Sam at the very end of January and only three months later I’ve passed my test. Excellent teacher, chatty and friendly too, puts you right at ease. Thankyou for the past couple of months!

Chloe Soltz
First time pass!
I could not recommend Sam enough!! I was with an instructor for months that didn’t feel I was ready, within 3 weeks of driving with Sam I took and passed my test... FIRST TIME! My driving skills and confidence grew immensely and he was always incredibly patient and accommodating to my time/ schedule. Anyone who is learning to drive should definitely look to him for lessons. Chloe

I started driving with Sam in September last year. I was a very nervous driver but Sam helped me to get my nerves under control and I finally passed my test. I would recommend Sam to anyone and everyone. Best driving instructor out there.

100% would recommend sam to any one wanting to learn to drive. I was nervous on my first lesson but Sam made the lesson be fun and from then on Sam made learning to drive fun. We had our giggles in each lesson but I then passed 7 months later thank you Sam for being a top driving instructor

Lauren BarrettLauren Barrett
100% recommend Sam! Being a shy/quiet person I was nervous to start lessons and had put it off for years. Sam was great though, the lessons were always relaxed and fun. He lets you learn at your own pace and however you want to learn. He was always reassuring and puts you at ease whenever you make a mistake or if you are worried/not sure on anything. Passed today on my 2nd attempt thanks to Sam. I shall miss our lessons. Thank you!

I honestly couldn’t reccommed Sam enough to anyone wanting to learn to drive! A fantastic teacher and im grateful for everything. Can always have a laugh with him as well. He’s reassuring and kind and helps you to improve, as well as boost your confindence in driving. He always pushes you to do your best. So thankful for this experience i’ve had and thank you so much for helping me pass!

Sam is amazing! He lets you learn at your own pace and in the way that’s actually best fit for you. He asks you how you would want the lesson to be, either you follow instructions or do your try and then discuss what you did wrong. He is very calm and reassuring. He actually makes you realise why you should do things so you remember it easier rather than just telling you how to do it. He has believed in me even when I doubted myself and that really helps. I definitely recommend him!

I was always very anxious about learning to drive but Sam was friendly, enthusiastic, and an excellent teacher and friend. Always full of encouragement and had every faith in me even when I doubted myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and I will miss our lessons.

Beth Beth
1st time pass
For someone who suffers from anxiety, the thought of even getting in a car for the first time scared me!! But Sam was the most supportive instructor, allowing me to learn and develop my skills in my own time. And after he assured me that I was ready for my test, I passed first time! He has the patience of a saint! And I can’t recommend him more, especially for anyone is feeling particularly nervous about starting to drive. Every lesson was a joy! And I’ll really miss our Monday morning sessions. A huge thank you to a wonderful instructor, who always believed in me even when I didn’t myself!

Lucy FranklinLucy Franklin
After doing driving lessons with multiple schools over 8 years, I thought I need to just do it, so I searched online and on social media, I found Sam with LDC driving school. I messaged Sam to find out if he could help me complete my driving, he said yes and booked me a lesson to assess how many lessons I would need. Sam said I should be able to complete my driving on 15 hours. so I went ahead doing 2 hours every 2 weeks. while out on lessons, Sam made me feel relaxed and helped to grow my confidence with my driving ability. When my test came around, I was buzzing with excitement and confidence. I passed my test with 3 minors thanks to the support and trust from Sam. Sam is a great driving instructor!

Stacey DexterStacey Dexter
First time pass
My driving instructor Sam was truly an amazing instructor, from the very first lesson he made me feel calm and always reassure me that I was doing well. The moment I would be unsure or get annoyed he would help me through and we would always have a laugh. I felt very at ease and could be myself, which I didn’t think I would be as you always hear different things about driving instructors. The LD system which I used really did help me as I was learning to drive, as it would cermet into my brain easier. I would always go back to the workbook and the online students hub if I wanted a quick refresh of a certain topic. Overall my experience of learning to drive was hard but its very rewarding. I would defiantly recommend Sam to anyone I know who is wanting to drive.